Redapt Success Story

Big-Box Retailer Chooses
K8s for Innovation Division

When you are a global, big-box retailer with an entire division dedicated to innovation, agile development is an absolute must. Implementing Kubernetes on AWS topped the innovation team’s wish list, but the hurdles to adoption loomed large. In 2016, as a relatively early K8s adoption, the system was not trivial to install, and no one had the in-house expertise required to run, deploy, and test an app in this infrastructure. Success on K8s required an experienced partner.

Greenfield deployment on a time crunch

What they needed was clear: agile development and CICD automation to achieve the fastest time to iterate on changes. But as a greenfield app on a POC time crunch, this team faced every major hurdle related to cloud and Kubernetes adoption. The stars aligned when they met Redapt at an AWS conference after-party. Redapt has been helping customers successfully deploy Kubernetes since the early days of the project—and they have an even longer history with DevOps. A promising partnership formed.

Setting the stage for success

Impressed with Redapt’s extensive knowledge of Terraform, K8s, and agile development, it was a no-brainer for the retailer to hand the migration process over to Redapt. In no time, Redapt devised a Terraform infrastructure management plan, including integration testing and automatic deployment via CircleCI, that lined up perfectly with their needs—setting them up for success from the get-go and educating their team along the way.


Redapt from start to finish

Probably the most tangible benefit was acquiring a seamless way of moving code through the development process and into production—gated by testing and approvals. Redapt also helped the team gain the K8s knowledge needed to influence a side project—a web dashboard that provided at-a-glance visibility into code progression. This was well before K8s RBAC, Kops, Rancher 2.0, AKS, GKE, etc. The only way to run this project was via manual installation on Virtual Machines, and Redapt helped from start to finish.

Deploy time

5-8 min.

Clusters can be rebuilt and populated in less than an hour.

Deploy frequency


builds daily.

On demand and
without downtime

Deploy success

100% after vetting by QA.

Vastly improved deployment
time for microservices.

Skills in place for future innovation

Thanks to Redapt’s successful transfer of DevOps and Kubernetes expertise to the team, they confidently assumed ownership of the system at the project’s completion. And although this team was eventually reassigned to another business area, they were extremely grateful to have acquired that important skill set. Since most of the company’s development teams were moving into agile methodology, typically using home-grown solutions, the newly acquired K8s knowledge could be shared to ensure continued success and innovation for the enterprise.

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