Redapt Success Story

A Growing Business Rights
the Kubernetes Ship

A mid-sized and growing business had recently launched a new customer application on AWS containerized with Kubernetes. The app quickly became critical to the business, supporting many of its top-tier clients. Everything was going great. Until suddenly things went bad—very bad.

Poorly architected K8s costs them a top client

It turned out that their Kubernetes environment wasn’t architected properly for the cloud. It couldn’t scale to handle traffic spikes and it had prolonged outages nearly every day. This impacted both the client experience and their ability to deliver new features and fix bugs. But the biggest impact of all: They lost a top client because of the application’s instability.

“Redapt, please take the wheel.”

The company hired then promptly fired a Kubernetes consultant before finally hooking up with Redapt through a personal referral. In the introductory phone call, Redapt’s engineers were able to troubleshoot and fix the immediate bugs. But it was clear that it would take a deeper effort to address the fundamental issues. They decided to engage Redapt to build a better Kubernetes operation experience.


A rearchitected K8s and a chance to win back trust

It helped that Redapt has deep roots going back to the early days of the Kubernetes project, with even more history in DevOps. In two weeks, Redapt’s engineers were able to stabilize the existing Kubernetes environment. Then followed a four-week period of rearchitecting it according to best practices and implementing staged deployments to different environments that were automated with CI/CD pipelines. While they were at it, a new disaster recovery strategy was created to strengthen system resiliency and reduce restore times from a few days to just one.

All the effort paid off when the more stable and scalable environment helped them convince their lost client to give them a second chance.

Deploy times

4 min.

Down from hours or days

Rollback times

5 min.

Down from days

Deploy success


Before, failures were
happening almost every day.

Up next: A DevOps roadmap

The most important outcome to all of this was the change in trajectory. With the crisis behind them, the company is now working with Redapt on defining and following a roadmap leading them to more comprehensive DevOps practices to build upon what they started. They plan to be fully autonomous in the future, but in the meantime Redapt engineers are working side by side with their internal team to operate the Kubernetes environment and transfer knowledge in the process.

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